Bachpan PlayWay School

Bachpan a play school is a chain of 1000+ schools.This is the ongoing saga of the Bachpan schools that have been adorning across the length & breadth of this vast country. One more Bachpan center has new come up in Khanna. The school has successfully completed 6 years and is one of its kind.The school has been opened keeping in mind the quality education that thousands of the childeren in the city deserve. Expanded in 1000sqft,the school campus is the perfect place where young kids can be groomed to become ideal citizens of the country.The beautifully decked up building with the vivant colours that inuigourate the young children is a new landmark in the city.There us a grand bhilding with class rooms,audio-visual room,Ball room,dinning room,swimming pool,stage and a gardenfull with colourful flowers where kids can enjoy the nature's